About Thaddeus Bullard

Thaddeus Bullard, aka WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil, is an accomplished athlete, global entertainer, philanthropist and author of, “There’s No Such Things As A Bad Kid.” He grew up in poverty, labeled a “bad kid” who would be dead or in jail by the time he was 16.

People invested in him when they had nothing to gain in return. As a result, he graduated from the University of Florida with academic and athletic accolades. Bullard has made it his mission to create change for those in need.

Through his Bullard Family Foundation, in partnership with Hillsborough County Public Schools, he’s transforming Sligh Middle Magnet School and the surrounding area in Tampa, Florida into an innovative education and community hub to create lasting generational change. This includes a first-class gym for school staff, a multi-million-dollar track and turf field for community health and wellness, and a prosperity center offering support services to lift families out of poverty.

Recently Bullard was named a finalist for the ESPN Muhammad Ali Sports Humanitarian Award.

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